Visiting Sunnyvale Patients

Visitor Information:

Baylor Scott & White-Sunnyvale understands that having loved ones by your side can help with your healing and care.  You have the right to choose and prioritize visitors from among family, friends, partners, personal care aides or other individuals (regardless of the person’s gender or your relationship to the person).

You also can choose a support person to be present throughout your stay, unless that person’s presence affects your health or the rights or safety of other patients.  If you have any questions about your visitation rights, please contact your nurse.

Visitor Guidelines:

To provide a restful and safe environment, we ask that visitors please follow these guidelines:

  • The number of visitors is dependent on the safety and comfort of the patient, as well as the safety and comfort of other patients on the unit.
  • The impact of patient’s visitors on the overall environment of care will be considered.
  • Please respect the request of unit nursing staff if they ask you to limit the number of visitors or times of visitation, due to other patients’ needs.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Visitors with cold or flu symptoms are discouraged from visiting.  If visiting is deemed necessary, visitors are asked to adhere to proper hand hygiene and wear hospital-issued masks.  Unit staff will provide these materials.
  • Visitors who arrive after 9:00pm will enter the hospital from the Emergency Department entrance.
  • Because your diet is a part of your treatment plan, we ask that visitors not bring outside food to you unless they have cleared it with your treatment team.
  • Please do not smoke or vape on hospital property.  We are a smoke-free campus.
  • There may be times during a procedure or testing that visitors will be asked to leave the room.  Please comply as requested.

Visiting Hours:

To promote healing and safety, some units may limit the number of visitors you can receive at one time.  Baylor Scott & White-Sunnyvale does not require specific visiting hours.